Friday, September 12, 2014

Man Compliment

Charles noticed the stack of 42 (forty-two) crocheted blocks on my table and asked, "What are you going to do with those?"

Mastering a block pattern new to me, when I finished the blanket for "Baby NoName" (Charles' current name for one-on-the-way), I didn't feel finished with cranking out the blocks.  So I planned an afghan to replace the tired quilt on the rack in the living room.  The quilt wasn't nearly as tired as I was tired of looking at it, but now I had cause to replace it.  So to answer Charles' question, I said, "I'll make an afghan.  There, look at the baby blanket, and you'll understand what I'm going to do with them," and I pointed to the folded bundle on the corner of the table.

In order for you to better understand, or fully appreciate, his "compliment," I'll show you a section of the afghan which came together from the stack of blocks that first caught his eye:

"Wow, that's really awesome!" he said of the white and yellow baby blanket.

"Is it really?" I asked, for I hadn't been entirely satisfied with it.  I'd begun making blocks with a white yarn I must have inherited from my mother, for when I came to the end of the skein and needed more blocks, I discovered the yarn is no longer available to purchase.  A long and tedious search for it had resulted in at least being able to buy on eBay someone's skein of "banana."  With a sigh, the envisioned, lovely, white baby blanket became a patchwork of yellow and white.  I couldn't help but be disappointed.  Yet, Charles thought it was "awesome."  I could go with awesome.  But next, he delivered the compliment extraordinaire.  Remember, I'd asked, "Is it really?"

"Yeah, spiders couldn't even do that!"

Oh.  Thank you.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.  - Hebrews 11:3


Mary said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! Wow! So intricate. Baby "NoName" will be so snuggly in his/her keepsake! I agree with Charles, it's awesome!

CarolineNot said...

Why, thank you, Mary. That was so sweet of you.

willow said...

I love it! sunshine and happiness for the new little one!

CarolineNot said...

Thank you, Willow. 'Twould have been calmer, more sophisticated, all in white, but we'll take "sunshine and happiness" . . . or "banana," if Baby NoName is monkeyish. ΓΌ

Susan S said...

I'll take sunshine over sophistication any day! And if
you have ever seen a spider web God sprinkled with dew, you know your husband gave you a true compliment indeed for your beautiful work. I found your blog while looking for samples of weaving on peg looms and will stay awhile.

CarolineNot said...

Indeed, Susan, it was a sweet compliment, and I recognize my imitations could never equal God's handiwork. My fellows amuse me when they they marvel over "what she can do with a couple of sticks." Or in this case, A stick. :) When I searched for information on using a peg loom, it wasn't easy to find. I hope you enjoy your visit here.