Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day - CuteNot

I'd invested about 2½ hours in creating a blog background and header in celebration of Independence Day, when my graphics software said in response to a command, "I'm not gonna do 'that', and furthermore, I'm quitting."  It slammed the door in my face and ate every stiiiinking bit of my work.  Actually, and more accurately, as it threw its fit, it told me it was going to save my work before it left, but since said work hasn't shown up in any of a gazillion files I've checked, I'm sure it just ate it after it slammed the door.  Pig.

So here are a few of the elements I was using, and you can just imagine how very cute it would have been, if the program wasn't piggish.

It isn't all bad, because now I can use larger images of a few of the letters, and I'm really likin' them in this size larger than I was able to use for their original purpose.  I'm gonna have a cute Independence Day background.  Oh yeah, it's gonna be great.  Oh boy, I'm likin' this...*slam*

It could have been cute.

Enjoy the holiday.
Eat something red, white, and blue.

Thank the Lord for the unmerited blessing
of living in the land this once was.


Laurel said...

Oh, PCL!!! How frustrating for you. But, I can tell it would have been awsome. And since it is the thought that counts, your thought was awsome as well! Have a happy fourth, and remember, "If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will Hear their prayer and save their land"!!!

CarolineNot said...

Laurel, such an encourager always. Ü I don't know about the awesome part ;o) , but it was a little jarring to watch my labors vanish. Of course, I avoided a lot of work by not having to finish and upload the stuff, and it gave me fodder for another whine. Ü

Sadly, God's people in nations all over the world are living under tyranny. Worse, in some nations they're being martyred. I think of His people who faithfully served the Lord Jesus Christ -- even unto death -- and were murdered last week, without even a passing mention from the media about the sad loss to their families and the world.

God's will be done. \o/