Monday, September 13, 2010

About that Florida Pastor

SonIII has taken up writing again, and I visited his most recent article, which engendered some comments and questions from his followers.  Wanting to weigh-in on the topics of the Florida pastor and the "war" in Afghanistan, I began typing and eventually realized I was poking an awful lot into that little comment box on his blog.  Better move this to my own space.

Burning copies of the Koran seems mostly frivolous to me, but I champion the (ever-diminishing) freedoms of US citizens, enabling them to engage in such activities.  If there was an outcry in America over our military burning Bibles shipped to Afghanistan in 2008, I missed it, so surely it didn't lead the news for days.  They could have shipped the Bibles back to the States, but that might have cost a hundred bucks or so, and our country is in a financial crisis.  Condemning the destruction of copies of the Koran while burning copies of the Bible doesn't sound "American" or "Christian" to me.  But then, I'm sorta choking, too, on US tax dollars (possibly billions of them) being spent on rebuilding or refurbishing mosques worldwide.  Stimulating, isn't it?

I can't apologize for not cozying-up to religions which preach a false god, or goddess, and teach adherents to hate, lie to, deceive, and murder Christians and Jews under his, or her, banner.  (This is not, in fact, peculiar to Islam, having historically been practiced by other religions with false gods.)  That pastor in Florida might have been wiser, though, to pass out his copies of the Koran and beg people to read them.  I'm about up to my gizzard in Americans accepting — and repeating — the mantra: Islam is a peace-loving religion.  I feel embarrassed for them.  Most nonsensical are those who believe Muslims killed nearly 3,000 people in America 9 years ago, yet vociferously chant the mantra.  Would someone splain that to me?

Perhaps purported peace-loving Muslims (a USA phenomenon?, for Muslims torture and murder entire villages of Christians in other parts of the world and wish to annihilate the entire nation of Israel), are ignorant of what the Koran says and can be compared with people who call themselves Christians but have little, to no, apparent knowledge of, or regard for, what the Bible says or who God is.  In keeping with politically correct (i.e., Marxist) lingo, shall we say such are moderate Christians: those who take God's name [Christian] "in vain?"

As pertains to infuriating Afghans (with the exercise of our freedoms), why are we in Afghanistan, which Afghans were going to be miffed, and has war not really changed since the days when soldiers of opposing forces lined up across from one-another in gentlemanly fashion and started shooting when someone said, "One, two, three, Go?"  I know this is girl-talk, but that's as ludicrous as two men bouncing around in an arena, trying to knock one-another out, and calling it sport.  People pay to watch the inane barbarism.  Who was going to be angry over burned copies of the Koran, whose freedoms are US soldiers purportedly protecting, and if the USA has deadly enemies in Afghanistan, do our soldiers not welcome an event which would gather them all in once place?  Like, "Oh look!  There are the ones who hate us and want us and our fellow countrymen dead."  If there are people in Afghanistan who would kill someone over a book burning, shouldn't somebody be figuring out who, and where, those people are?

Truly: why are we there?  I'll even entertain a sensible lie.  No cause stated about our presence there makes common sense; on the surface, very little does these days, for the truth seems veiled.  Is there an explanation which makes sense?

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Hosea 4:6

The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.  Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.  The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.  Psalm 12:6-8