Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Adults who are willing to submit to being inspected in a state of nudity or having their bodies groped may, or probably, deserve whatever they get.

Parents who allow these clearly heinous crimes to be committed against their children should be arrested and jailed and fined and re-educated by sane adults, then reunited with their children.

"Let's all agree to not submit to being treated like dumb animals on this __ (insert date)."  Better something than nothing, but I will listen to anyone who can give me a reasonable explanation for allowing these crimes to occur ONE TIME on ANY DAY.

Yes, Virginia, the world has gone mad.

And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.  Mark 9:42


Conni said...

Needless to say, until the TSA changes this, I will not be setting foot on an airplane. We had planned a trip to Germany, and it is out now. I am not being digitally strip searched, I am not being "felt up" and I am certainly not about to allow my CHILDREN to be subjected to it either. My husband and friends have not risked their lives, my friends have not GIVEN their lives for us to bear such humiliation. This is NOT FREEDOM.

CarolineNot said...

Amen and amen.

willownot ;o) said...

and I add my AMEN as well -

I cannot help but remember how easily Jews were herded to their deaths as they entered those showers,
the humiliation is the same - and the potential for harm is there in the form of potential cancer causing x-rays - but I in no way mean to minimize the fate those poor people suffered nor compare the horror of their deaths to the potential for harm citizens 'might' experience as a result of these 'screening' rays - - just draw a parallel to how easily people are turned into obedient sheeple.

how many planes have been attacked or sabotaged
by anyone other then muslims?

Israel gathers intelligence through interviewing those they profile - rather then subject their citizens to this travesty.

I was hoping to visit my only sister - I haven't seen her in over 20 yeas - and she will be 85 this Feb -
but I will not consider flying now - so it's a drive or nothing I guess....

CarolineNot said...

Clearly, the situation is quite grave, and only now did I notice I inverted two words while writing. Of all the things They've done to us -- and they are many -- this crime has jarred me most; for that reason, I wanted my words to be few, and apparently I wasn't even able to put a sentence together.

That may be due in part to 1) my first knowledge that this had already been occurring for two months before the media picked it up; 2) there are actually people who think (I use the word loosely) it "needs" to be done.

I desperately need the Lord's help to not hate the parents who are willfully subjecting their children to these crimes, the perpetrators, and their fascist overlords. I don't normally hate. Please pray for me.

Matthew 5:44

willow said...

we all need prayer - more now then ever.

worry is a sin and I seem to be steeped in worry lately.

Parents have lost their way - the family is attacked from all sides - evil is called good and good is called evil.

America needs to repent before it is too late,
and she is judged with the goat nations.

Then last chapter of Jonah reminds me how long suffering God is - and how He does cherish the children and even animals and longs to protect them.

With all the attention that the tsa 'assaults' are getting - I need to remember to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who are under attack - especially those in peril in other nations -

the day is short.