Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bob Is Bilingual

I'm really, really sorry, but phenomena such as this must be reported.

Cousin Annie and I were talking this afternoon, and we'll just never let Miss Manners or Emily Post know a thing about this. Somehow the conversation deteriorated to the point that Cousin Annie confided in me that Bob -- remember Bob Dog?...snow bunny...carpet eater -- that Bob now knows the word "ooppay."

"Your dog knows Pig Latin?"

"Yeah! He's German, but he understands it."

Nice normal family

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. ~Proverbs 15:13


Cousin Annie said...

OH YOU!!!! Yeah, icenay ormalnay amilyfay!!!!

(I see you posted a really cute picture of the BobDog in his PigDog nose pose.) Unnyfay!

Pierre said...

Yo Bob,

Pierre sieht es gar nicht gern, dass Bob ├╝berall Hahn im Korb ist.

ierrePay is otnay appyhay about obBay alaysway eingbay ethay entercay of ah-entiontay ah-ongmay omenway.


Cousin Annie said...

Hey, Pierre...I don't know why you had to write that in two languages. Remember...I'm bilingual!

Hey man, sorry 'bout the attention thing. They just can't resist me!! ;)

Your Cousin Bob
(I can speak & understand, but have a hard time writing, so my mom wrote this for me.)

Pierre said...

Andare masticare sul suo maglione, Bob.

Pierre said...

Aller mâcher sur votre chandail, Bob

Cousin Annie said...

OK, you're just showing off now!! grrrrr!! hehe!

~CarolineNot said...

Listen, I gotta tattle on myself...

I decided to help Pierre use an English-French translator to tell Bob, "Go chew on your sweater." And I was feeling pretty stinkin' satisfied with myself, until I was outdoors 15 minutes later and realized out of nowhere I'd used an Italian translator!

Of course, I had to help him grab the French, then I slinked-slank-slunk (you choose) away, licking my elderly wounds. *sigh*

Pierre isn't tri-lingual. And my brain is about old as dirt. Busted.