Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In the last comment box, Cousin Annie mentioned she was going to send me photos of her pansies, so I'd realize they're truly not ready for show-and-tell.  The following conversation just occurred in our kitchen, liberally sprinkled with hysterical, wheezing laughter (since a fuzzywuzzit has taken up residence in my breather, and my talker is inhabited by 2 geese and a bear, which take turns speaking).

Son3:  What have you been laughing about?

CarolineNot:  Annie's pansies.

Son3:  Are they pansy pansies?

CarolineNot:  Yeah.

Son3:  Well, what's so funny about 'em?

CarolineNot:  They're ugly.  [I doubled over at this point.]

Son3:  Well, let me see 'em.

CarolineNot:  They're in my email.  Go look.

Son3:  Those aren't pansies.  (He'd been looking at the lilacs.)

CarolineNot:  No, it's one with the subject line "ugly."

Son3:  Oh.  Oh my.  I don't know that those are even pansies.  We have stuff like that growing up out of the driveway.

Son4:  Why are you laughing so hard?

CarolineNot:  'Cause I'm gonna blog 'em.

I'll give today's photos from Cousin Annie her own subject lines:


"Ugly/Ucca Yucca"

"Barely Better"

"God's Work - BEAUTIFUL!!"

Now these next two are the pretty dianthus and zinnia photos she sent me last week.  See, just a bit of time under Cousin Annie's tender care, and those pansies will be beautiful.  Couldn't resist, though, sharing the pathetic pansies, since "Ugly" was the first in my Inbox and sent me into gales of laughter.  Gotta share the joy!

[Pay no attention to Cousin Annie's whiskey jug in the side of that photo.  I've been pretending to not see it for days, and it's workin' for me.]  ºÜº

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time.  ~Ecclesiastes 3:11a


CarolineNot said...

Annie, if you're still speaking to me (or listening to me), both the jug and crock are wonderful. That crock reminded me immediately of Mother making dill many years ago. Ü

Annie T. said...

Now I'm doubing over with laughter!!! LOLOLOLROFLOLOLOL!!! Between you & Son3, who couldn't laugh about my UGLIES!!! Believe it or not, this blogspot & the pokes at fun with the family have brightend my day. I'm as sick as you! :Þ On the other hand, I'm glad you were able to take a trip down memory lane with my crock. (And don't even touch that!) hehe!

Love you, you crazy cousin!!