Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bath Mat

A bath mat seemed the perfect next project for my peg loom.

I grabbed a fatigued bath towel and used my handy
razor thingiflopper to remove the bound ends.

This would have been a snap, except there's apparently
a dull spot in the thingiflopper, so it wasn't entirely severing the strips.

But it was providing a straight line for scissor cuts.
Okay, we'll go with that.

Enter the WOW scissors.

I indelibly penned MOM on them, so no one else would use them and threatened all with bodily harm, if they did.  Okay, not the bodily harm part, but you can be sure my eyes were pokin' out and my voice stern, when I said MINE!  DON'T TOUCH!

One of the clown kids noticed turning them upside-down
produced WOW, thus their name.

Yeah, Wow, don't touch my scissors.

Then I began machine-piecing strips of bath towel, which is what I should have done with the strips of fabric for the first rug, instead of using the splice-and-slip method.  That's not what it's called, but it suits me, so I'll call it that.  That method of joining strips created quite a number of ragtag tails which had to be slipped and stitched into the woven rug, when it came off the loom.  I'd do better this time.

I placed one strip atop another at right angles.

Then I stitched diagonally from corner to corner.

Trimmed the seam to about a quarter inch.

Next, I marched myself (and a long stream of terry towel strips) to the living room and pegged the loom.  I made up that pegged the loom thing, but it makes me sound like I know all manner of weaving terms, so I like it.  I poked pegs in holes to the desired width of my bath mat, warped them with cotton yarn, and wove the rug while talking on the phone with Little Loo, who when I was finished weaving, had to listen to me whine about the rug not being as big as I'd wanted.

Loo and I ended our conversation, I unraveled the rug, and I marched back to the kitchen to repeat the entire stripping process with a second towel.

Wove the stinky little bath mat a second time, now twice the depth (not pictured here).

Now I'll let you in on a little blogging secret: this post has been sitting in draft form for several days, and the bath mat has been languishing in a basket in the living room, still attached to the loom pegs.  Just sure that tomorrow I was going to tie it off and put it into use — several tomorrows in a row — I'm deciding today that it may just be The Bath Mat That Almost Was.  My excuse is about feeling the need to knit, then feeling the need to make a pieced tablecloth for the dining table, then meeting the need to tend some unexpected issues, which as I type are the causes of a bath mat tied to wooden pegs, a half-knitted baby blanket, and a would-be tablecloth in a heap in the middle of the kitchen table, waiting to be topstitched.  They have a name for this and prescribe pills.  I call it normal life, multi-tasking, no chance for boredom, flat-out wonderful.  Keep your stinkin' pills.  I'm having a great time.

Photos of bath mat, tablecloth, and perhaps even baby blanket forthcoming...Lord willing, and I don't get lost in a jigsaw puzzle.  ºÜº

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  III John 1:4

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