Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marital BlissNot


How Old Married Folks Plan Their Piggledy Meals

Charles: I feel like smoking something today.

CarolineNot: We don't have any meat thawed.

Charles: I think I'll do ribs. I wouldn't want to put them on until noon, anyway, and they'd thaw by then.

CarolineNot: Nuh-uh.

Charles: Yeah, I'll put them in the van. That'll heat 'em right up.

CarolineNot: *gasp* You're gonna kill us!

Charles: *satisfied chuckle* And we need to have some of that corn.

CarolineNot: (in her best pouty voice) I don't want no little-bitty, unripened corn.

Charles: Oh, it's ripe. A lot of it's ready to eat.

CarolineNot: Nuh-uh.

Charles: Oh, you don't know anything about corn.

For how great [is] his goodness, and how great [is] his beauty!
corn shall make the young men cheerful, and new wine the maids.
Zechariah 9:17

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