Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicken Neuroses



In winter, we switch the coop floor covering from straw to pine shavings, which change was made this past weekend. As winter progresses, rather than mucking out the coop, pine shavings are added, and the resulting decomposition is supposed to help warm the coop.

How quickly chickens forget. Come nightfall, they were not going into that coop! They gathered near the door, took turns poking their heads in for a look, then scurried away.

I'm not goin' in there. You goin' in there?

No way. You go in there. I'm not goin' in.

So this was the scene:

As darkness continued to descend, and thoughts of coyotes howled in their heads, a chicken would carry the torch, enter the coop, then come rushing out when another followed course. One in, one out, one in, one out....

Note the barred rock perched in the bush:

Eventually, most were in the coop, but Son4 found some stragglers perched on barrels behind the coop and scooped them one-at-a-time from their perches, depositing them in the coop, where he said they stood frozen in whatever position they landed. This report came with a reenactment by said son, which made the chicken debacle worthwhile.

The following morning, we discovered two barred rocks had escaped notice and overnighted in the elements.

Silly chickens.

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Janie said...

One wouldn't think you would have disturbed a whole flock by a small change like that. And I thought I was set in my ways!! How long will it take for them to get used to it?

Cousin Annie said...

Those pine shavings must have smelled too good for them!!