Saturday, October 11, 2008

Favorite Thing -- Apple Peeler

I swiped it.

Exhale, exhale. I mean the photo. The peeler is currently attached to the dining table in the living room, and if I turn on the light in order to take a picture, it may wake the sluggabeds, because it's pret-ty early in the morning.

I can thank Kandi for my acquisition of this little gem, because she told me she has one and (finally) convinced me they work. She even offered to loan me hers, but I was thinking about lots of apples and dulling blades and years of use, Lord willing.

We peeled a gazillion apples, which became sauce, butter, diced, pie, and cake (with caramel sauce and so lip-smackin' good, one might skip dinner and go straight to dessert, insisting this is "a fruit" on the food pyramid, and one hasn't yet met their daily fruit requirement). The peeler may even serve us well with round two of the pears, which are a different sort than those on the first tree: firm and thusfar refusing to ripen. They taste like strawberries, but that's off-topic and sort of a weird thing to be saying.

Now, I can peel an apple by hand and keep the peel intact, if I've a mind to, but I'm rarely bored enough to seek that sort of entertainment, and note that I was not of a mind to peel a single apple in the first place -- entertainingly or otherwise. I cannot, however, do it like this:

Favorite thing -- apple peeler.

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Morgan said...

Man, an apple peeler sounds so fun, and very helpful! Apples that taste like strawberries? That sounds interesting. Enjoy all the goodies y'all have been making! :)

~CarolineNot said...

Always a pleasure to see you in the comment box, Morgan. *waving*

It's the second rounds of pears, different from the others, which were tasting like strawberries in their not-quite-ripened state. Gladly -- or sadly -- they taste more like pears now. Ü

kandi said...

Oh glad you got one. they are fun and easy!!