Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flarpy Foto Tale

As I've mentioned in the past, downloading photos often brings to my attention the photographic ventures of my housemates, and in thumbnail size, I'm left wondering what on earth that is, "that" remaining a mystery until I can open the photo file for a larger view. This time, it was noise putty.

I told you we buy junkie little things as prizes for Thanksgiving game play. Over the past few years, we've bagged enough twizzling magnets to relocate the earth's magnetic pole to the Midwest. If the FBI ever knocks on our door, that will have been the cause: "Today, a Kansas family was arrested for changing the earth's...." We supply no gender-indicator on the game prize bags, which promotes some bartering. Son3 acquired a pair of zebra-patterned sockies this year, and I thought for a while I wasn't going to be able to convince him to give those sockies to his sister. "You are NOT going to wear those things! Now give 'em to her!"

Noise putty, though. Listen, indelicate as may be the manufacturer's intent, the stuff only costs 88¢ and massaging it is as soothingly addictive as manipulating a piece of warm PlayDoh.

So up pops the first thumbnail image, and I wonder, wonder, wonder, what that pink thing is, which someone decided to photograph. Oh, it's the noise putty. Look, there's a bubble.

Hey, what's that? ...That's my seam ripper! Oh yeah, I found that in the office supply drawer, when I was looking for ribbon to bind the placecards cookies. I should have put it away.

I should also send someone to the back of the broom closet with that green tote full of goldtone flatware we use only on Thanksgiving day...which is long past now, so there shan't be any more stray pieces of faux opulence floating about the kitchen; it's good to go back into storage.

Which child is doing this? I can't tell whose hand that is.

Ah, those are Son4's clothes in the background. It's Son3 poking my seam ripper into Flarp. Well, I hope he's enjoying himself.

The tape measure? That's standard computer armoire equipment. I shop online sometimes, and my size-estimating skills are about as sharp as a lump of pink putty. He better tell me, though, what he did with my seam ripper...other than pop Flarp bubbles.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. ~Psalm 119:11

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Rikki said...

I kept reading "nose putty" at first and couldn't figure out what that could be.