Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She Wears It So Well

I knit a lot of dishcloths...and washcloths. They're nearly all knitted in one of two, simple patterns, and I name them according to how I decide I'll employ them: Ummm, washcloth. Ummm, dishcloth. This is mindless, guilt-free, sitdown time in the evenings. I'm not being a sluggard -- look, I'm knitting. The result of this sluggardnot activity is a veritable mountain of cloths. And I recently decided the yellow and white ones would be washcloths. I even bought 4 yellow bath towels as companions: These will be our guest towels and washcloths.

Now, this went over like a lead balloon, when family overnighted during the holiday weekend. However, when SugarPlum's daddy decided to plop the little kid into the tub on Friday afternoon, I handed him one of my crafted cloths. "What's this?"

"It's a washcloth. And here's a towel to match."

So he scrubbed the urchin -- who near the end of the scrubbing declared herself a mermaid -- then he left fishy girl in the tub, which is just off the kitchen; or IN the kitchen, if the door's open. We ladies happily gave furtive glances into the room and listened for sounds of a belly-up fish.

There were suddenly gales of laughter, immediately followed by, "Mom, look! Look at her!" Sugarplum had found a perfect use for her odd little washcloth.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. ~Psalm 23:1


Annie T. said...

And who could want for any more!!

Janie said...

What a purty little cloth on a purty little gal!