Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Favorite Thing: Italian Bread Pan

Having acquired an Italian bread recipe we all enjoy, I've been cranking out loaves the past several weeks.  The recipe supposedly makes two loaves, but they were too small to suit me perfectly, so I tried making one large loaf with the dough.  It worked.  I was still dissatisfied, though, because the loaf, without pan edges to contain it, seemed to spread more than I liked and lacked height. 

So I scouted online for an Italian bread pan and quickly found one to my liking in form and price: well under $10 and free shipping, if I combined it with the cranberries I'd been needing to order for at least a week.

Since we'd been working in the kitchen on a two-day project, everyone was present when the maiden loaf came out of the oven and onto the counter.  I was basking in the man-praises of my lofty, tanned bread, when the compliment to end all compliments came forth from Son3: "It looks just like it came off the rotting rack."

Uh ... thanks?

We laughed, because we all got it.  For a few years now, I've bought most of our bread — mostly Italian — from Wal*Mart's bakery rotting rack.  And lovely loaves they are, having served us well.  But now I can make my own rotting bread.

Favorite Thing:  Italian bread pan

And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.  John 6:35


Annie T. said...

Lovely & VERY tasty looking! No need to explain Son3's
"compliment"...you know that I know about the WM rotting rack, or "rotten rack" as I call it.

This beautiful loaf of bread has me especially drooling today as Don & I are trying to avoid "white" food...bread, pasta, potatoes...all the good stuff! :[

CarolineNot said...

Gotta love the rot. I must say, their Italian loaves are so light and airy -- almost more holes than matter -- that I ate a slice here and a slice there in good conscience. Alas, not so this bread you see before you. I need to keep sifting through recipes, including whole wheat, eh? If anyone knows of a more healthful Italian bread, do tell. Ü I found one at Recipe Zaar, but a crisp crust is its purported selling point. Crust is a necessary evil in my world, so I nibble it off first to get it out of the way, then enjoy the good stuff. Now they want it to be rigid and crispy? I ain't no goat. ºÜº