Saturday, May 29, 2010

Keepin' It Real

Have I no shame?  I'm setting this post for deferred publishing, so I'll have about 24 hours to back out and never let you see this mess.

It was about 3:47 on Thursday afternoon.

This is it.


The idea first struck me about 2½ years ago.  I do believe it was around the time I did → this ←to my kitchen.  You know, the cabinets just didn't have very happy faces in the first place, and that lame attempt at making my own liquid laundry detergent etched more lines of aging.  So one can't truly say this was a snap decision, given I'd been ruminating on it for such a goodly bit of time.  But even I recognize there's something a bit quirky about leaping from one's seat at 3:47 on a Thursday afternoon and asking for the sander.  Go figure.

Five hours later, Son4 and I washed our roller and brush, hammered the lid onto the paint can, called it quits for the day, and walked away from this:


Everyone wants to be me.  NOT!

It gets even scarier when one considers company is coming tomorrow (today as you're reading), and there is left to do: second coat on the base, sand 10 drawers and 23 doors, and two-coat those bits.

Mildly amused by the mess, I decided to snap a couple of photos.  Uploading them to the computer, pictorially surveying the damage, and not being able to wrest my weary self from the chair, I hollered to the other room, "The mayonnaise is sitting out on the table!"  With 4 window air conditioning units on-the-roar, a girl's gotta speak up.

The responsive voice of approaching Son3 called back, "What, Mummy?"  No, the strapping young man doesn't normally call me that, but he shares the sick-sense-of-humor gene.

"The mayonnaise is sitting out on the table.  I just spied it in this picture."

The mayonnaise is in the fridge now, but nothing else has yet changed, therefore, I am SO outta here.  I'll let ya know when things are in order again.

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.  I Corinthians 2:14


Kathy said...

Wow! If you got all of that finished before this morning, it was a miracle! If not, did your guests help out?! Or maybe you had a picnic outside.... :)

CarolineNot said...

We begged and were graciously granted a postponement of the family gathering and added another 24 hours to the pot. The table was clear Friday a.m., for we needed every flat surface in the house for laying out doors, the last of which your brother was reattaching for us at 10:30 last night, since there aren't enough flat surfaces to host 23 pieces at one time, and coats and drying times totaled 8+ hours per wave.

We will be dining outdoors at lunchtime today, roasting dogs and mallows. Dinner, though, in the face-lifted (and yes, tidied) kitchen. Ü

willow said...

wah! - I want to see pix of the finished face lift!!!

wow - you are way braver then I am!
I loved your phrase - "when everything is in order again"-I don't think I have ever truly experienced that.
wait - I remember once...when first married a mere century go - when my idiot dr decided that newly pregnant - I should gain no weight, so he prescribed ...well - speed - no way around it - that's what it was. I typed way faster - cleaned like a crazy woman - and apparently was a very hostile person to be around.
but I remember the satisfaction of sitting there in a totally immaculate three room apartment and then realizing I had literally - nothing to do.

it happened once....just once.

it hasn't happened since - but then again
I'm no longer hostile!

I hope everyone has a wonderful visit!

willow said...

I'm baaaaa-ack! I just clicked on the arrowed 'this' to visit the home made laundry detergent saga.

I will be having nightmares for a week - but have learned a valuable lesson - BUY my detergent.

ps - good thing I visited - it appears Smithfield has been without food for many days - he was very hungry.

perhaps he should be moved to the new blog page?

CarolineNot said...

Willow, you simply crack me up.

Of course, the cwazy doctor's Rx wasn't at all funny, and I'm glad no one is any the worse for it.

"Order" is such a relative term; let me in no way mislead you. Were my kitchen (or anything else) truly and always "in order," it would have been photo-suitable this morning, so I could re-shoot an unlit, panoramic view of the completed facelift. Of course, we've already pigged it up, and I haven't yet dragged myself in there to re-tidy. Suffice to say neither will I ever find myself with nothing to do, and I'm way too adept at assigning myself downtime. ºÜº